Puerile trick get your attention?  How many of Peter Bell’s friends, colleagues and students were familiar with his alter ego, Hillary Hackert?  Bawdy tales will appear soon at the iTunes Store as a third iBook.  (Third?  Neither of the previously announced iBooks has appeared: there’s a contractual glitch, a date later this month before which much of this cannot appear.)

You might well ask – Why all these individual volumes?  In part, enticement for the final collected works, the memoir.  And, perhaps more importantly, there may be an audience for the poems alone, or for only the stories.

Or, the erotica, which is more play with words that P Bell so delighted in than true porn.

When any of these three small volumes appears, I will announce it here and on social media sites.

N.B.—A couple of written contributions have come in and will be part of the memoir.  Please consider offering your own reflections, letters to/from Peter Bell, photographs, written or YouTube video tribute…  I would be deeply honored to include them.  Please help me spread the word to others who knew Peter Bell.  Your submission deadline is very near…

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