Marking 23 years

Peter departed in the very early hours of the morning of November 14, 1994.  At home, abed, while the rest of the household slept fitfully.  I alongside him, Vera in our bedroom doorway and Véronique downstairs in the guest bedroom.

Julia joined our grieving but loving assembly.  Jane gave us a nourishing breakfast.

Two favorite photographs: the portrait is one of my earliest, taken on a hike above the Castro, San Francisco; and one with myself and Peter’s cat Vera, one of the latest, taken in front of our home on Divisadero.

And, his obituary that includes a school photo.

Peter.jpgPeter Vera Raymond.jpg


Peter Marshall Bell-Obituary


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2 responses to “Marking 23 years

  1. A lovely remembrance for a lovely man (posted by another especially lovely and loving man).

  2. Norman F Jacobs

    Thank you for reminding me of how special a person Peter was.
    Love for those who have left us only increases the love we can feel for our partners and friends who share in what we feel and what we do. Raise a glass, light a candle, and Kathy and I will do so too.

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