From “Love poems for Raymond”

Sweetheart, I was thinking


Sweetheart, I was thinking this afternoon

How I might understand you, love you better

And enter a greater part of your world.

So I came up with a brilliant idea:

I need to study Chemistry!


Now I do not intend to make you work

(You already put in long enough hours)

And I would not wish myself on any

Scientist as his pupil given

My own considerable limitations

(I am scientifically illiterate and

Never even got through trigonometry).


But somewhere must exist a chemistry book

For the clueless, liberal arts refugee

Who ended up loving a master of science

And wants to see that much more of a

Glimmer of the intellectual life

Of the man he loves.


My love, help me discover

More of your world.

[San Francisco, August 1994]


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3 responses to “From “Love poems for Raymond”

  1. Such a sweet, heartfelt post. Oh Mister Ray, you were (and are) much loved. I’m glad that you are bringing Peter’s work to the world.

  2. Thank you dear (much-loved) man.

  3. Norm

    Love’s magic is that in giving it to another you have more, not less. And you become more connected to the people in your life and more aware of what really matters.

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