Peter Bell is published!

Or, I should say, a very small fraction of his writing has been published.  At and at  The Amazon store is the one you will be taken to if you click on the cover image below.  Here is a link to the Barnes & Noble store:

Now that I have seen something concrete come of my months-long efforts, I will return to organizing the much larger collection of his writing.  Considering your suggestions, I may next publish a volume of his short stories … or all that remains (journal articles, 1-act play, story lines… as well as the short stories and poems).  Let me know what you think.  I have asked a pittance for the poems ($0.99) – nowhere near my ‘hourly wage’ – because I want them to be read and because I am not in this for personal fame or fortune.  The next (final?) volume will cost you a little more for all the work I am putting into this endeavor.  Is there a readership for a paperback edition of either volume?

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