Poems & short stories of Peter Bell coming soon to the iTunes Store

… new “iBook” editions of the poems and stories.  (The eventual collection—the complete memoir—will include a video component.  To the friends, colleagues and students of Peter Bell: please consider contributing recorded comments.)

The ISBNs have been purchased.  Additional weeks of hard work have culminated in two volumes that are (significantly, I think) different from the original E-pub/Amazon versions in a number of ways.

With two additional poems, in French, one Peter’s, the other by a guest author who knew Peter and has written of their final hours shared; more photographs of and sketches by Peter.

And the stories—including the original French version of La Plaie—along with the funny and bittersweet 1-act play We have the stars….

Now, to attend to the final details: more proof-reading, rethinking the cover art, assigning the ISBNs and completing the BISAC code, and …

Any suggestions or requests—and written or media contributions to the memoir—will be much appreciated.

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