Peter Bell’s 1-act play is at the iTunes Store

For those who prefer drama: the brilliant and bittersweet AIDS play will be available at the iTunes Store beginning tomorrow (with a preview and pre-order, if you wish, today).  After a review by partner Jack A Urquhart:

“We have the stars…”—places the two male leads, both recently deceased, in a kind of gay purgatory.  Or is it heaven?  That these ‘lost souls’ transcend their earthly burdens by engaging in ‘Queenly’ (and often hilarious) repartee—the kind of banter that is as mercilessly self-condemnatory as it is all inclusive—before achieving a compassionate and distinctly humane armistice is in keeping with Bell’s thematic quest for wholeness.

Get a direct link to this iBook version by clicking here.

Next up: the erotica.  Then, with additional input from Peter’s friends, colleagues, and students—the memoir.

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