Remembering Peter

Early in the morning on this day, 18 years ago, a light dimmed.







Peter Marshall Bell 12 July 1959—14 November 1994


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6 responses to “Remembering Peter

  1. Dimmed? Perhaps. But not extinquished. His candle still flickers. And that, in large measure, because of you, Dear Man — the keeper of the flame. xox

  2. Dearest man, thank you for your love.

  3. Thinking of the ways we lose, we love, we give, we gain…and we carry it all. Love to you, Ray. I’ll be thinking of Peter today…and you.

  4. Bob

    Mr Boyington,
    My name is Robert Ward, you do not know me and I’m not sure if Peter every mentioned his family, but I married his sister Audrey. While assisting his dad last month I came across your letter to L. Ferris Bell. Please contact me

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