Where does the time go?

Remembering Peter Marshall Bell, July 12, 1959 (Washington, D.C.) – November 14, 1994 (San Francisco) – and wondering, along with Peter, what became of all those who knew him:

What will become of these people?-Senegal 1981-83

[Peace Corps, Senegal 1981-1983]


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4 responses to “Where does the time go?

  1. I never met Peter, but it feels like I did. It feels like I ‘knew’ him a little — and that’s because of you, Mister B. Because of your devotion and love.
    Because of your commitment to his memory, I know him enough to say “hello” (to his photograph) and to pass a few pleasantries every single day.
    So you see, Peter is still with us. And that’s pretty wonderful, don’t you think?
    I do.

  2. I am forever thankful to you dear man for your support, for your love and understanding.

  3. Katie Boyington

    I’m remembering Peter and sending you love from across the miles today and always. XOXO

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