Where does the time go?

Remembering Peter Marshall Bell, July 12, 1959 (Washington, D.C.) – November 14, 1994 (San Francisco) – and wondering, along with Peter, what became of all those who knew him:

What will become of these people?-Senegal 1981-83

[Peace Corps, Senegal 1981-1983]


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Another year, another birthday to celebrate

I offer a bouquet of Peter’s favorite rose (from Paris, of course), along with a few more of his words.

Cabbage Rose


His truest friends were collections of words.  However still and lonely the night, they comforted and sustained him.

—P. Bell, Unpublished

[From a letter to Douglas Kauffman, 30 August 1986]

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Remembering Peter

Early in the morning on this day, 18 years ago, a light dimmed.







Peter Marshall Bell 12 July 1959—14 November 1994


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Miss Trash takes back the night

Contributed by April, dear friend of Peter Bell and fellow Peace Corps volunteer:


… work on the memoir continues.

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In the Spring of 1991, Peter wrote in his journal:

Poor little me!  Can’t have sex with a man without thoughts of china patterns going through my head.  Truly I could become more realistic by now.  Men just don’t bond that easily.

They want a gorgeous man of independent means, I suppose.

For my own part, all I want is an attentive, modest and forthright soul.

In the Spring of 1992, Peter wrote:

Storms pass, the humidity evaporates, a breeze clears our brow.  A new day, a clean slate, a willing spirit and cooperative body.  On ne sait jamais ce qui vient avec le temps. 

In the Autumn of 1992, in the evening of this day twenty years ago, Peter and Raymond met.  I smile – to think that this would be our “china” anniversary.


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Peter Bell’s 1-act play is at the iTunes Store

For those who prefer drama: the brilliant and bittersweet AIDS play will be available at the iTunes Store beginning tomorrow (with a preview and pre-order, if you wish, today).  After a review by partner Jack A Urquhart:

“We have the stars…”—places the two male leads, both recently deceased, in a kind of gay purgatory.  Or is it heaven?  That these ‘lost souls’ transcend their earthly burdens by engaging in ‘Queenly’ (and often hilarious) repartee—the kind of banter that is as mercilessly self-condemnatory as it is all inclusive—before achieving a compassionate and distinctly humane armistice is in keeping with Bell’s thematic quest for wholeness.

Get a direct link to this iBook version by clicking here.

Next up: the erotica.  Then, with additional input from Peter’s friends, colleagues, and students—the memoir.

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Peter Bell Stories on SALE at the iTunes Store – through August 25 only

From Sunday 19 August through Saturday 25 August, the price of the collected short stories, including the 1-act play, will be reduced by ~50%.  Friends, colleagues, and students of Peter Bell – thank you for spreading the news!

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