I anticipate publishing a small volume of poems (section I below), followed by the remainder of Peter’s work in a second, considerably larger volume.  To date (25 April 2012), nearly all of his work has been transcribed.  So, this table of contents is reasonably complete in representing what may end up in print.  If you have any correspondence or photographs that you would like to contribute, please let me know via email before the end of May 2012.  Thank you.

Table of Contents


Peter and Raymond meet at the candy store

I — Poems

Four Poems from Senegal

Aminata Toubab

On New Years

Wine, Cheese and Self-hatred

Valentine’s Day Poem

Suburban Cycle of Poems

Gothic Romance Reader’s Credo

Valium and Cocktails for Two

The Offering

Live on, Live on!

Domestic Life

Elegy to a Cat


Mysteries of the Automobile

L’autre ne dît rien

Love Poems for Raymond

Sometime past midnight


5 September 1994


Invitation to the Voyage

Time is of the Essence

Safe Harbor

Silent Vigil

II — Stories

The End of Tribute


The Enemy

A Little Romance

Renata, Reina

La Plaie

The Wound (La Plaie, translation by Jack A. Urquhart)

We Have Always Been the Same Person


Myths from the World of Dreams

Ex Patria Café Society

III — Story Fragments, Story Lines

The Lone West Motel

The 9 Candles

E la nave va

Murder, My Deadly


Chain Gang Slut

Café Desperado

The Undead of the Airports

Milk Route

Storyboard for “A Life from Pirated Film Clips”

IV — A Play in One Act

“We have the stars…”

V — Notes for a Rock Opera

Manon Let’s Go

VI — Roman à Clef

Voyage to Passion’s Edge

VII — Academic Papers

Un Tableau Balzacien

La Vision Sandienne dans l’Evocation de François le Champi

Quel Art—Et à Qui?

The Undercover Stranger

VIII — Photographs

IX — Cartoon

Little Miss Trash

X — Travel Notes

Travels with Michael

The Grand Canyon

Do Not Try This at Home

XI — On Quilting

112 Pieces, or so

A work in progress: patterns and pieces (sketches and swatches)

XII — Quotable Peter Bell

Bell Peppers

Machiavellian Bell Peppers

Commencement Address

XIII — Correspondence

A Letter from the Chaplain

Ma chère

To Claudine

Last Notes to FAIS

XIV — Journal Entries

An eternal curse

XV — Last Days and Nights


Final Wishes

Our Last Weekend

XVI — A Quilt for Peter

A Quilt for Peter


Remembrance of Things Recurring, by Jack A Urquhart




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