While I will add a lot to this timeline – some memories of my own, other items gleaned from Peter’s journals and papers – there is so much that you may be able to add for me that only you may know about. Thank you for your help in answering questions and offering details and commentary.

Timeline for Peter Marshall Bell


—12 July, born in Washington D.C., of parents Caroline and L. Ferris Bell

—Childhood lived in … San Diego …


—Peter’s sister dies (suicide)


—July, Peter’s mother dies


—Congressional page during the 95th congress


—Student of International Relations at UC Davis; BA, June 1981

—1979-1980—Junior year in Bordeaux, where Peter befriends Véronique (Lily and Laurence) and travels to London with Laurence; also friends (and UC students?) from this time – Debra and Doug(?)


—Peace Corps service

Taught at Lycée Abdoulaye Sadji in Rufisque, a city in the Dakar region of Senegal, Africa, October 1981-July 1982

Served as English Instructor at the University of Dakar’s Technical Institute (ENSUT) October 1982-June 1983

—Friends and Peace Corps volunteers from this time: April and Michael


—December, visits Mexico (NEH Fellowship at this time or…?)


—Teacher of history and International Baccalaureate director at French American International School, San Francisco

—FAIS Commencement speaker, 17 June 1994


—Partner John Moe dies

—28 April, begins aggressive treatment for HIV

(When, where did they meet? Additional information about John?)


—25 August, Peter and Raymond meet, San Francisco


—February, Peter travels to Paris and London

—March, we move to 66 Divisadero

—June, Peter and Raymond travel to Chicago (visiting Mike and Ed), Montreal, and New England (Provincetown; Embden and Ogunquit Maine…)

—July, Peter travels to DC and NYC

—July, Peter is a Fellow of the DeWitt Wallace National Institute on High School World History, Princeton University

—November, Peter has Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; Véronique comes to stay with us, covering Peter’s classes at FAIS, returning to Paris Jan 1994

—December, Peter is in hospital over Christmas


—January, we buy a new car (our first journey is to Reno with April & Chris)

—April/May 1994, Peter travels to NYC and Chicago (visiting Mike and Ed?)

—June 25-August 6, Peter travels to Israel and Egypt as a Fellow of the Fulbright Summer Seminar “Israel and Egypt: Two Perspectives of the Middle East”

—7 August, Peter returns from the Middle East, very ill

—8-15 August, Peter in hospital

—9 August, Véronique arrives from France, moves in with us on 16th

—September, 1000+ origami cranes are brought from FAIS to Peter

—14 November, about 2 AM, Monday, Peter departs this life

4 responses to “Timeline

  1. In a ghost story, “We Have Always Been the Same Person”, written in 1990 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, Peter describes his central character as having identified himself as gay by the time he has left high school. There are several elements in the story that suggest to me that much is autobiographical. Does any reader here know whether or not Peter had come out by that time in his own life?

  2. wow please let me help.. I am also HIV positive so this would be very personal to me too… and I can help with anything French because I am a French major…

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